01.11.19 – 03.11.19
Live performance of Water Work at ARTX LAGOS
In Water Work several thousand litres of clean water seemingly goes to waste. Situated in Lagos, the action immediately speaks to issues around power and access to resources. As is ever present in other performances by Eca Eps, the figure of the woman in the National Service fatigue makes links between gender, labour and women’s work. In this special reenactment of Water Work for ArtX Lagos, the piece is reconsidered in the context of Wura Natasha Ogunji’s curated performance segment ‘small acts’. Ogunji invited three women artists (Eca Eps, Taiwo Aiyedogbon and Ngozi Schommers) to reflect on ethics and the relationship between artists and society in the first ever performance pavillion at Nigeria’s foremost art fair ArtX.

water work performance eca eps at artx lagos
Performing Water Work. Photo by Valentine Umansky
water work performance artx lagos eca eps
Photo by Wura Natasha Ogunji

Taiwo Aiyedogbon
Taiwo Aiyedogbon performing Mirror Mirror

ngozi schommers artxNgozi Schommers’ If Not for a Child